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About the Firm
Counting Pennies had its beginnings in a small apartment complex in the southern US. We began by advertising on flyers shoved beneath windshield wipers and in doors, offering promotions to residents in nearby apartment complexes. From those humble beginnings, we have expanded to a firm with domestic and international clients.

Despite our growth, we preserve our primary mandate of personal interaction with our customers. The success of this outlook is displayed by the number of customers who have remained with us since our inception. Those who start with us, stay with us. Our success is strengthened by our concentration on the two watchwords of our business that set us apart from other accounting firms: character and economy.

About the Founder
Counting Pennies founder, Henry Randolph Hughes, III (“Randy”), is not your typical accountant. Born into an equation-wrangling family of mathematicians, he is a numbers man. After graduating from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Accounting, he worked for Big Four Accounting firm KPMG. Prior to becoming a Controller in the hospitality industry for many years, Randy also gained experience as a loan officer and in health care accounting. He was introduced to tax preparation while working for Jackson Hewitt, and eventually collected certifications in tax preparation at H&R Block and professional bookkeeping at Universal Accounting in Utah.

Accounting for our customers is a journey, not an appointment; a process, not a paycheck; an experience, not a number. People come back to us and stay with us because of the time we spend with them, the conversation we share, the experience we create, and the relationship we build.

However, far from the pocket protector and mechanical persona sometimes associated with accountants, Randy is best known by his colleagues and clients for his outgoing personality and volunteer work. In a business program held at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Randy won the award for best personality. Initially, Randy approached accounting as a means to underpin his volunteer work. Most of his international volunteer work centers on the development and progression of the sign language culture, though he has also been known to heft a hammer on construction projects in the field. Though he found his feet in big business, those feet soon carried him, via a cacophony of international expeditions, to a more comfortable place… one where the accountant interacts directly with the client. The result? Counting Pennies, LLC.