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Tax Planning

Consider Every Angle
There are a myriad of ways to prepare a tax return. A common misstep is preparing one’s own taxes to “save money”. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Unfamiliarity with tax code, deductions, and credits usually render the hopeful recipient short hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their tax refund or owing more than they should, far eclipsing any fees an accountant may charge. We see this every year.

To effectively prepare a tax return, it is important for us to know our clients. Understand their concerns. Appreciate their situation. Doing so helps us to fight for their refund and search for legal ways to reduce their tax liability. Because it’s their money, every dollar – in fact – every penny is worth it.

So, whether you’re a business or individual needing top-notch tax advice, planning and preparation, Counting Pennies is your go-to resource.