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For Businesses

Annually shuffling a box of receipts and invoices to a tax preparer and crossing one’s fingers is not the most conducive way to stay on top of tax planning concepts and potential deductions. If the information stream stays constant throughout the year, a company can often save hundreds and evens thousands of dollars.

Counting Pennies will work with you, not only during the preparation of your return, but also prior to its preparation with tax planning. We will provide you with tips on tax savings and show you ways to improve or maintain the level of organization needed to yield the best results possible for your tax situation.

Download a list of Business Expense Deductions. Start gathering your information today so you can get ahead of tax season and be ready to get down to business before April 15!

Secure Document Transfer
Although we much prefer to meet our clients face-to-face, we do offer our remote services, where the relevant documents can be conveniently and securely transferred over the internet between our respective locations via email and fax.