Free Webinar:

Learn the Secrets the Wealthy Use to Pay Minimal Taxes

Thursday, October 8, 2020
Time: 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT

Free Webinar:

Learn the Secrets the Wealthy Use to Pay Minimal Taxes

Date: October 8, 2020

Time: 7:30 pm (ET) / 4:30 pm (PT)

During this webinar, learn:

"At first, I was skeptical, as I have attended multiple tax planning webinars in my professional career and always walked away from them with what feels like sketchy advice. This webinar truly gave me innovative tax planning ideas that will save me thousands of dollars and completely change how I handle my future tax returns. I'm excited to implement what I've learned!"
-Kelly Rodriguez
Small Business Owner

Why Attend This FREE Webinar?

The average American is often racked with paying high tax bills with their hard-earned money while the wealthy pay very little in taxes. How do they do it? 

Is there a way to legitimately write-off everyday expenses that you are already paying for and reduce your tax bill? The answer is YES! 

All hardworking Americans, including small business owners, should watch this FREE tax planning webinar! 

“I had no idea tax strategies like this existed! For years, I’ve asked my accountant for help with ways to save on my taxes, but I was never given any real strategies like those that are shared in this free webinar. The tax strategies I learned will definitely save me thousands of dollars in taxes.”
Sean Nelson
Small Business Owner


Randy is the founder and owner of the accounting firm, Counting Pennies, LLC, but he is not your typical accountant. Randy is naturally a numbers guy with a gift for teaching complex subjects in a simple and relatable way. He specializes in tax planning and tax resolution.
Randy Hughes
H. Randolph “Randy” Hughes, III​

Guest Speakers

Michael Hughes

Owner of Open Mic Solutions, a consulting firm focusing on financial education

Bryan Hughes

Financial Advisor with the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company

Renee Hughes

Owner of Simplicity In Action and successful marketing strategist

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Learn the Secrets of How the Wealthy Pay Minimal Taxes