Filling a Void For Solid, Reliable Tax Expertise
For Small Businesses and Families

At Counting Pennies, we are powered by and teach financial responsibility. Whether we are helping you reduce your tax liability by means of strategic tax planning, preparing your individual or business tax return, providing your business with virtual CFO services, or sharing with you opportunities for maximizing income and lowering expenses through one of our education platforms, we focus on how financial responsibility will help you to succeed.

tax Services
To Protect & Prepare For Your Future

tax Services To Protect & Prepare For Your Future

Tax Resolution
Tax Resolution helps our clients resolve their open debt with the IRS in a way that minimizes the debt to the maximum degree allowed by law.
We are tax experts able to represent taxpayers in their dealings with the IRS and helps them solve their tax problems.

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Tax Planning
Tax Planning helps our clients take a proactive approach to tax scenarios rather than a reactive one. Because of this, our clients enjoy better tax results.

Tax Preparation
We’ve been expertly preparing taxes since 2002 and it’s still the core of our business. We specialize in Tax Preparation for individuals, LLCs, and S-Corp business owners.

Education Services

Education Services

Our education services provide education and guidance via lectures, classes, and webinars designed to educate and motivate self-action when it comes to one’s finances.

Finance Academy 
A 6-week program designed to help individuals and small business owners maximize and upgrade their financial journey.

Speaking Engagements 
Keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interviews both virtual and in person. These engagements are provided for those who are looking for a tax specialist or a financial expert to assist an audience who want to learn more on how to handle their finances.

Social Media Live Streams
Short, bite-sized topics delivered periodically and designed to provide simple accounting tips for the general public.

High-End Accounting Services for Your business

High-End Accounting Services For Your Business

CFO Services 
We become your virtual CFO, providing high-end accounting services to your company. With this service, small businesses have the opportunity to function as and compete with “bigger brands” without the cost of a comparably experienced in-house CFO.

We provide a systemized record and documentation of your financial big picture.

We take the stress out of the payroll process by collecting and processing new hire paperwork, prepare all necessary payroll tax forms, and prepare and send out year-end wage reports, including W2s for your employees so that you can focus on running your business with minimal distractions.

Member services program for any budget

Member Services Program For Any Budget

Our member services program allows small business owners to benefit from high-end accounting and tax advice at a cost that meets their budget.
The program includes:
One-on-One Coaching  
Private one-on-one meeting with a specialty coach who focuses on and helps the small business owner with challenges specific to their business.
Office Hours 
Get questions answered on a live zoom call in a group setting.
Group Mentorship 
 A private Facebook group, where you have unlimited access to get the answers you need to specific questions or ask for a review of something you’ve come up with.

we aren't just number crunchers. Not just mathematicans, but a firm with warmth, integrity and character.

This is not your average accounting firm. While other companies focus only on the high-dollar business clients, Counting Pennies leans into educating fellow accountants, business owners and families on  how to avoid mistakes that could ruin them financially. Our mission is to guide you to financial excellence.

We welcome you to Counting Pennies,LLC and look forward to working with you. Our Team had a blast putting this little video together as we unvieled our upgraded brand and services to the world. We are excited to be considered one of the best accounting firms in the US and very much look forward to supporting you with all your accounting needs. 

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.

We leave our clients feeling fulfilled, heard and helped. 

Meet the CEO

H. Randy Hughes, III is the Chairman and CEO of Counting Pennies LLC, a boutique private accounting firm that provides business advisory, bookkeeping, tax resolution, and tax planning services. Its clients range from individuals and entrepreneurs to small businesses poised for growth. As an Enrolled Agent, Randy is a federally licensed tax practitioner with unlimited rights to practice and represent taxpayers before the IRS. In addition, he is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Tax Coach (CTC) and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS).

Randy was a standout protégé in the Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) business program at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Later, he graduated from Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Accounting in December 2000. Randy has also served in financial leadership roles in the hospitality industry as a Controller, in both centralized and decentralized accounting settings.

In 2009, he left the corporate world to devote his efforts to growing Counting Pennies, LLC into a full-service accounting firm and to give back through volunteer work for his community. He is fluent in American Sign Language and enjoys teaching and traveling the world with his wife, Renèe.

Meet the Team

Pamela Tyler

Managing Director

Fallon Martin

Executive Assistant

Nancy Gonzalez

Administrative and Marketing Assistant

Dora Mathurin

Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Carl Proszek

Financial Accountant

Alicia Weed

Tax Services Specialist

Christy Ntuk

Tax Resolution Associate

Francisco Anguiano

Client Concierge

We guide accountants and business professionals to financial excellence.