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Our Philosophy
At Counting Pennies, we are powered by and teach financial responsibility. Whether we are preparing your tax return and showing you how to maximize your tax credits and deductions, preparing your books and reviewing with you your business’s strengths and weaknesses, or coaching you on the progress of last month’s budget with a view to improving next month’s spending, we focus on how financial responsibility will help you to succeed.


pennies-1Counting Pennies is a boutique accounting firm in Maryland with outlet locations throughout the country. From humble beginnings, Counting Pennies had it’s start in 2002, using simple efforts to get the message out about a business that would change the way accounting was done. From that humble start, Counting Pennies has expanded into domestic & international territory.


We hear it every day… financial independence, financial security, financial freedom. However, nothing can happen to improve your financial situation unless you first have and understand financial responsibility. We help businesses & individuals maintain financial responsibility by offering assistance and guidance in tax planning, bookkeeping & debt management.

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