Fast Track to a 6-Figure Advisory Business

Skip the long road and get the strategies, coaching, and step-by-step guidance to build a thriving advisory firm you're proud of.


Building A Thriving Accounting Business

THE WELL-ROUNDED ACCOUNTANT is for accounting professionals who want to build and grow their own business in months, not years.


Build and Grow a 6-Figure Advisory Accounting Firm Part-Time

Yes. Part-time. 

Of course it took work, but I found a way to do it as simply as possible so I could reclaim my time to do other things I love like volunteer work and traveling. 

Now, I help others build businesses they love to over 100k+ without a lot of extra work.

I hustled and took years to figure it out. But you don't have to.

Get a head start with The Well-Rounded Accountant program,
which can help you navigate how build and grow your accounting business and reclaim your time.

1 Year Advisory Business Accelerator

THE WELL-ROUNDED ACCOUNTANT is a fast paced coaching mentorship program that includes:

(Program begins May 30, 2023)

22 Weeks of Live Coaching

Right to the point training in 24 classes with tips, strategies and step-by-step instructions you can start implementing immediately.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions that are jam packed with how to apply the lessons taught in class to your business.

Personalized Feedback

Get direct guidance and support to help you find your niche and build the advisory business you want from Randy and our team of experts.

One Program - 1 Year - Unlimited Potential

Get the tools, processes, and coaching you need to

The Well-Rounded Accountant Is Perfect For You If You Are...

Getting Started

Not sure where to start or what area you’d like to specialize in? This program gives you the keys to find your niche and get started with step-by-step action items. 

Ready to Scale
Your Business

What’s the best way to raise your prices and get paid what you’re worth? Advisory services is where it’s at. It’s time to make the leap.

Eagar to work on your own terms

Want to work virtually and on your own schedule? I’ll help you know exactly how and share the exact tools you need to make it happen.

Randy Hughes, CPA, EA

Certified Tax Planning Coach

Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

CEO of Counting Pennies, LLC

Why waste time figuring it out yourself?

Hi, I’m Randy. I’m here to save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Building and growing a 6-figure advisory business isn’t easy, and yes… it takes work. But, there are simple steps I took while building and scaling my accounting firm to 6-figures over the last 20 years. 

I got there through lots of trial and error, but I made it. And now I help other accounting professionals do the same using what I learned along the way.

I’m here to hand you the keys to getting started and walk you through it step-by-step. 

You can switch to an advisory business and still have a life you love.

Don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own

Get a running start to your advisory business journey with a program that can help you navigate the quickest way to get there while avoiding major mistakes.


What is The Well-Rounded Accountant Program?

The Well-Rounded Accountant program takes the guess work out of building and growing a 6-figure advisory business while taking years off of the process. It helps you to decide on and develop in the area of advisory services that you want to specialize and gives you to tools to make it happen at a quicker pace than doing it on your own.

What are the benefits of The Well-Rounded Accountant Program?

The Well-Rounded Accountant program will help you to

– Do advisory work you enjoy

– Add real value for your clients

– Work remotely anywhere in the world

– Set your own schedule

– Get paid what you’re worth

– Build a 6-figure advisory business

Who is The Well-Rounded Accountant Program for?

The Well-Rounded Accountant is for CPAs, EAs, Tax Preparers, and other accounting professionals who want to build and grow a successful 6-figure advisory business. 

This includes:

– Corporate CPAs looking to start their own firm
– Tax preparers wanting to add advisory services or make the switch to advisory completely
– EAs and Tax Preparers looking to move from compliance to advisory services
– CPAs wanting to earn a good living focusing on advisory services

When Does The Well-Rounded Accountant Program Start?

Enrollment in the program will be opening mid-May and live classes start on May 30, 2023. 

How Often Will The Well-Rounded Accountant Program Run?

The Well-Rounded Accountant is a 1 year program that only comes around once per year. Once enrollment closes, it won’t be available to join for another full year. 

How Can I Be Sure I’m Notified When The Well-Rounded Accountant Program Is Open For Enrollment?

Be sure to click the Join the Waitlist button below and enter your name and email address. You will receive a confirmation email that you have been added to the list. (Check your SPAM folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.) Then, whitelist the email address the email is from or add it to your contacts. That way you can ensure you receive the notification email before this amazing program opens up.  

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