Sometimes you have to STOP in your tracks and PIVOT!

This thought came to me this morning as Randy and I recently changed our eating habits. In the past, we’ve worked our way up to a new eating pattern and somehow never really made a full pivot LOL.but this time we just stopped…old food and snacks still in the fridge, freezer, and cabinet and we just changed!

I thought about how inspiring and fulfilling the ability to do this is in life and business. Sometimes you cannot play with the thing, you just have to STOP and MOVE in a different direction. Fear and low self esteem often keep us moving in the wrong direction. Piecemealing our way through life. But consider this: what massive shift can you make right now today that would radically change your life? Sometimes the smallest shifts have the biggest impact. What have you been considering changing?  What is something you‘ve been playing around with? What is something you‘ve been throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks? What is something that just has not been working year after year but you are too afraid to change?

It can seem impractical to make this kind of radical shift, after all, there is “food still in the kitchen”. But if that “food” is making you sick and not contributing to your growth, is it really a waste to move away from it? To just STOP eating it?

For many of our clients and colleagues, they are afraid to make moves away from their current way of doing things in their business. Why? Because consistent revenue is coming in. Because they are just too busy and overwhelmed to look at anything else, to think about anything else.

The problem is this:1. They are too busy and can’t think, can’t get creative, they become machines
2. Their clients are not really happy and the ones that stay are just holding on
3. Their team isn’t happy, also just holding on to what used to be
4. Productivity isn’t what it used to be and neither is the fulfillment of helping people

5. They are exhausted and working way too many hours with not enough ROI financially or emotionally
Is this you? Can you admit to yourself that what you are doing is no longer working? Can you be brave enough to try something radically different yet quite simple? Remember when you first started your business —you took a chance on something and it paid off, you grew a beautiful business. But now it’s time to be brave again. Let us hold your hand as we have a conversation of what a real and meaningful pivot in your business could look like.
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