The Well-Rounded Accountant 90-min Session

April 30th, 2024 at 11:00 AM EST

For Established Accountants Moving Into Advisory​

Beyond the Balance Sheet:
Journey from Compliance Accountant to Advisory Ace.

This is your opportunity to move in the direction of creating an accounting practice that you love with more profit, time freedom and clients you enjoy working with!

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Increase Profit. Find More Time. Boost Creativity.


An exclusive online event with practical guidance for Accounting Professionals to enhance your practice, increase your earnings, and achieve a better work-life balance.

LIVE on Zoom and Facebook Group.

April 30th, 2024 at 11:00 AM EST

Why Choose Counting Pennies, LLC...

Who should attend?


Who would like to begin specializing so that they enjoy more time freedom in their business and more options in their lives. 

Tax Preparers & Enrolled Agents

Who want this to be their last tax season because they feel utterly exhausted. They want to add advisory services to their practice to work with fewer clients with more profitability in and out of tax season.

All Accounting Professionals

Who want to be of more help to their clients, enjoy a client base that is a pleasure to work with, and enjoy more time freedom. 

This Online Session Is For Accounting Professionals Who Are:

A Note From Our Host...

I’m Randy Hughes III

As a CPA and owner and founder of a profitable private accounting firm, I can confidently say—that with the right plan, skill and determination, you CAN reach your goal of  advancing into a highly profitable and joyful advisory business. 

I decided to open The Well-Rounded Accountant Mentorship Program  because I’ve seen that it often takes out-of-the-box thinking to be able to successfully start and grow an advisory business. And accountants like us were not receiving the correct direction and guidance needed to succeed. We are changing that with the Well-Rounded Accountant mentorship sessions and programs! 

If you’re willing to invest some time to get up to speed on the most powerful direction and tools for scaling your business without having to double your workload, you are going to love the information at this session.

My goal for you? After the session, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and have a specific next steps plan to get there. Stick with me…I’ll help you make achieving your highly profitable advisory business goal a reality. 

See you at the Session!

Are you working as an accountant, but not thriving? Your wish to advance into a high-value advisory role has arrived!

This session is not just about changing the services you offer; it’s about transforming your accounting practice into a thriving advisory business that brings you more satisfaction, higher earnings, and the freedom to enjoy life outside of work.

Our Event Agenda

Redefining Your Role

Discover the first steps in shifting your focus from compliance tasks to becoming a trusted advisor,
Setting the foundation for a more rewarding professional journey.

The Art of Delegation

Master the art of delegating compliance work efficiently within your team.
This strategy optimizes time management and enhances productivity.

The Optimal Transition Timeline

Identify the right timing and steps for your firm to smoothly transition to offering advisory services.
This ensures a smooth transition, maintaining service continuity and client satisfaction throughout the process.

Strategic Business Modeling

Learn how to redesign your business model to incorporate advisory services that only attract high-value clients
This approach focuses on strategic planning to drive sustainable growth and success.

Leveraging Your Expertise

Uncover how to utilize your existing skills and knowledge in accounting to offer unique advisory services.
By doing so, you can distinguish your firm from competitors in the market, offering unique value to clients.

Building and Scaling

Learn strategies for effectively marketing your new advisory services effectively, adopting pricing models that reflect the value you offer, and employing tips for sustainable business growth.
This approach focuses on expanding your client base and increasing profitability while maintaining long-term viability.

 See the full potential of your accounting firm


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